Way of life

  • ‘I need to organise a business trip and I’ve never been there before, I’ll just get miConcierge to organise it.’
  • ‘Yes Steve, meeting for lunch tomorrow sounds great. I’ll get miConcierge to sort it out and send you the details.’
  • ‘I need to set up an appointment, I’ll get miConcierge to schedule it.’
  • ‘What a crazy week, thank goodness for miConcierge.’

miConcierge has some pretty awesome features

Manage your time & plan appointments

Managing your time and planning appointments has never been easier. Merging with your calendar and contacts you can invite people to join your event, notify of any changes and speak and plan every day so you don’t miss a beat.

Your very own Personal Concierge

This is our very favourite feature as we place you with your own Personal Concierge who will develop a relationship with you, get to know your routine, anticipate meetings and things you may need organized.

Personalized chat experience

Our personalised chat experience enables an easy to use interface to communicate with your very own Personal Concierge.

Charities we support

Releasing children from poverty.

Providing microfinance, education & access to medical care to break to cycle of poverty in Sierra Leone.

Tackling the refugee crisis.

Improving the health of Indigenous children.

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